Gino Calejo


Gino Calejo is a native of New York City and moved to Charleston in 1969 at the age of 12. His maternal grandparents settled in Charleston in the early 1900’s. He attended school in Charleston and has been a resident of Charleston off and on for 50 years.  He graduated from the College of Charleston with a BS in Finance. He earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), with honors, in 1981 from The Citadel, specializing in Marketing, Finance, and Real Estate Investment.


Mr. Calejo brings to Cobalt Commercial Services 37 plus years of commercial and residential real estate experience. He is well connected throughout the area and southeast. He is also a licensed business broker and he owns and operates Carolina Business Brokers, LLC. As a former and current business owner and consultant, he is adept at social interactivity and people management and has proficient financial, analytical and mathematical skills.


All of this adds up to an agent with the ability and experience to successfully serve your buying or selling needs. Today’s market and technology needs an agent who seeks and does more than visit and use the internet for gathering and distributing information to his clients and customers to accomplish and satisfy their needs. Networking is his specialty.